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I am a Graphic Designer and crafter. As an avid crafter my whole life I eventually drifted into selling items, and creating digital designs. I love sharing my inspirations and designs with others and see how they use them in their projects. 

This site has a combination of paper crafting, laser cutting items, as well as vinyl products. Take a look around, I hope you feel inspired and perhaps find something to add to your collection.

Since I was a young girl, I was always interested in crafting. I loved to color, create interesting crafts found in books (like a bottle cap shoe scrapper), friendship bracelets, sew projects, and eventually that all led to scrapbooking. I went through a phase of knitting and crocheting, I thought I wanted to create candles, but those things led me to making keychains and adding vinyl to glass mugs. Many things I do now incorporates my Graphic Design background. I hope you join me on this crafty journey, whatever your favorite craft is!

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