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Welcome to my page. I am an avid crafter and graphic designer. I love all things paper. I hope you take the time to look around and browse through my posts and projects. If you have any suggestions, or just want to say HI, visit my "About" page and drop me a line. WELCOME & create freely.

Copic Markers

Hi Friends!! I love Copic Markers and though I’ve had them for 5+ years and practice with them, I’m no expert and constantly learning. I also don’t have ALL the markers. So I feel like my list below is a great starter for those new to the Copic marker world or looking to expand their current collect. This is along post and my personal opinions. I will update with photos soon.

Please note these are ones that I personally like and use. I have linked them to – this site is one of the cheapest I’ve seen and they ship quickly! (The links below are affiliated links, it does not cost you anything extra, but gives me a small percentage of our sale to continue to do what I love, bring you ideas, and product suggestions).

I personally have a mixture of Sketch and Ciao markers. They both have a brush tip. Ciao barrels are smaller than the Sketch and also cheaper, but it’s the SAME product. NOT all colors come in both types.

I have just started buying refills. You can refill your marker barrel and not have to buy an all new marker. Copic is changing their refill bottles that should be coming out late summer 2020.


This collection is my favorite “rainbow” colors I reach for.

Pinks RV23 – Pure Pink (Sketch | Ciao) RV25 – Dog Rose Flower (Sketch) RV29 – Crimson (Sketch | Ciao)

Reds R20 – Blush (Sketch | Ciao) R22 – Light Prawn (Sketch | Ciao) R24 – Prawn (Sketch) R29 – Lipstick Red (Sketch | Ciao)

Orange YR21 – Cream (Sketch) YR15 – Pumpkin Yellow (Sketch | Ciao) YR68 – Orange (Sketch | Ciao)

Yellows Y11 – Pale Yellow (Sketch | Ciao) Y06 – Yellow (Sketch | Ciao) Y15 – Cadmium Yellow (Sketch | Ciao)

Greens YG03 – Yellow Green (Sketch | Ciao) YG25 – Celadon Green (Sketch) YG17 – Grass Green (Sketch | Ciao) YG67 – Moss (Sketch | Ciao)

Teals BG11 – Moon White (Sketch) BG32 – Aqua Mint (Sketch) BG15 – Aqua (Sketch | Ciao) BG18 – Teal Blue (sketch)

Light Blues B00 – Frost Blue (Sketch | Ciao) B02 – Robin’s Egg Blue (Sketch | Ciao) B05 – Process Blue (Sketch | Ciao)

True Blue B32 – Pale Blue (Sketch | Ciao) B24 – Sky (Sketch | Ciao) B28 – Royal Blue (Sketch | Ciao)

Purples V12 – Pale Lilac (Sketch | Ciao) V15 – Mallow (Sketch | Ciao) V17 – Amethyst (Sketch | Ciao)


All collections can benefit from a set of grays. I know this doesn’t sound like an exciting buy, but think of things you want to color: clouds, animals, white shirts, etc. I would suggest starting with Neutral Grey or cool grey (I started my grays with cool gray and I reach for my cool grays the most.). You do not need all the grays in a “color family” choose odd or even numbers. As they will give you a great blend.

C00 – Cool Gray 00 (Sketch) C1 – Cool Gray 1 (Sketch / Ciao) C3 – Cool Grey 3 (Sketch / Ciao) C5 – Cool Grey 5 (Sketch / Ciao) C7 – Cool Grey 7 (Sketch / Ciao) C9 – Cool Grey 9 (Sketch)

N0 – Neutral Gray 1 (Sketch) N2 – Neutral Gray 2 (Sketch) N4 – Neutral Gray 4 (Sketch) N6 – Neutral Gray 6 (Sketch) N8 – Neutral Gray 8 (Sketch) N10 – Neutral Gray 10 (Sketch)

W00 – Warm Gray 00 (Sketch) W2 – Warm Gray 2 (Sketch | Ciao) W4 – Warm Gray 4 (Sketch) W6 – Warm Gray 6 (Sketch) W8 – Warm Gray 8 (Sketch) W10 – Warm Gray 10 (Sketch)


There are a lot of colors in the Earth tone family. I will suggest a few combinations below that I like. These can be used for animals, skin tones, hair, etc. I will eventually make a post on skin and hair once I finish my samples.

I feel like this combination can work for MANY skin tones (both light and dark skin). E21 – Soft Sun (Sketch | Ciao) E11 – Barley Beige (Sketch | Ciao) E13 – Light Suntan (Sketch) E15 – Dark Suntan (Sketch | Ciao) E18 – Copper (Sketch | Ciao)

Darker Brunette Hair coloring E49 – Dark Bark (Sketch | Ciao) E47 – Dark Brown (Sketch | Ciao) E57 – Light Walnut (Sketch | Ciao) E37 – Sepia (Sketch | Ciao)


There are quite a few suggested ink pads on the market to use with Copic markers. I have used many different brands and I have found that Ink On 3: Blackout Detail Ink is the BEST.

Why I like it?

  1. It stamps VERY crisp!! Even with lower quality stamps and thin lines.

  2. It works with a VARIETY of medium. Copics, Watercolors, Zigs, Colored Pencils

  3. It’s BLACK! This ink is the darkest black ink I’ve ever stamps out before!

If you have questions, please let me know. Like I said, I’m still learning and practicing on using these markers. I love them and love how they blend. Below are a few resources and people I love to watch or take class from.

  1. Sweet Sentiments (Jammie Clark): Awesome classes & YouTube tutorials! Jammie does an amazing job at really breaking it down for anyone to understand! I feel like her classes have really helped me improve my skills.

  2. My Creative Scoop (Mindy Baxter): She is a plethora of information on her site and a lots of class options to improve your skills including free downloads, classes and even more resources.

I will update this post with more photos of the blends and samples soon. I have just been asked a lot lately of what markers to start a collection with. So I thought this grouping was a good start to select from. Leave any comments below with questions.

Have an awesome day!

— Lacey Ann

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