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Welcome to my page. I am an avid crafter and graphic designer. I love all things paper. I hope you take the time to look around and browse through my posts and projects. If you have any suggestions, or just want to say HI, visit my "About" page and drop me a line. WELCOME & create freely.

Photo Tag Ornament

I have had this idea for about a year now and I finally sat down to design. As a maker (and laser machine owner) you can purchase this file from my shop to sell commercially (please read my terms of use).

Purchase File (Etsy | My Website) Purchase Completed Ornament

This ornament would also work as a stocking tag.

File Download

You will receive the following files if you purchase the file.

  • (1) Blank Photo Tag (no text)

  • Front Tag with Window

  • Middle spacer

  • Back Tag

  • (1) Year Photo Tag

  • Front Piece with Window

  • Middle spacer

  • Back Tag

  • as well as years 2022 through 2031. This option gives you the ability to add a name, family name or word of your choice.

  • (3) Pre-Designed Holiday Word Tags

  • Front Tag with Window and choice of words: merry, Christmas, and falala, and year (2022 currently, but you can switch out for the following years 2023 - 2031 which I have included)

  • Middle Spacer

  • Back Tag

Ornament Specs

Here are the specs for this ornament.

  • Final size: 3" Wide x 4.75" high

  • Photo Size: 2.5" wide. 3" high

  • Photo Opening on Front tag: 2.375" wide x 2.875" high

  • Ribbon Hole: 0.25"

  • Fonts Used:

  • 2022 - Roboto Slab

  • Words - Twinkling Stars Script Bold


A few tips to get you started.

  • Create the spacer out of 3mm clear acrylic or 1/8" wood

  • Create the back piece out of white or black if you are using a specialty acrylic on the front (like mirror acrylic).

  • Transparent acrylic won't work as well, as it will show the middle piece.

  • 3M double sided tape works great to assemble more quickly.

  • If you are using a glue to assemble, clamp the pieces together for a short while as the glue dries. This prevents shifting.

  • I tested with 1/8" basswood and 3mm acrylic for my middle piece. This does add a little bulk, but felt it was a good depth for the photo. Experiment with 1/6" product as well to see if you like that depth and if a photo can easily slip in and out.

Selling & Photos

Because the photo is inserted at the top of the ornament I have two suggestions for selling.

  1. Offer to print the photo for your customer. If you have a small photo printer like a Canon Selphy, this is quite easy with their app. Just create a 2.5" wide x 3" high photo or 3" w x 4" h and trim down to 2.5" w x 3" h

  2. Leave off the string, twine or ribbon. Include the String, Twine, and Ribbon in their package and let them insert and add the ribbon. Give them instructions on photo size and to attach the ribbon.

Tip: You could also include a piece of acetate cut to 2.5" x 3" with your ornaments to add an extra protector between the photo and peoples fingers.

Tip: Engrave your logo to the backside of the back tag, that way your customers will remember where they purchased their ornament.

Be Creative

Let your creativity run wild!! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  1. Cut the pre-designed words in Mirror Acrylic. This gives you a beautiful, classic look to your ornament. This is a quick and easy cut and engrave that looks amazing, but doesn't take hours to make and assemble.

  2. Colored or White acrylic with painted engrave. Give your ornament a 2-color look! Experiment with different color combos for a festive look.

  3. Make it your own! I have included a blank frame tag. You could cut this without any engraved words. Then cut a word in a contrasting color and adhere on top of the top tag.

Happy creating and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any issues with the file. I'm more than happy to help.

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